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September Announcements

September Announcements

Here we are again, bringing you the news of Near and Far Shore events for the month of September!


The Near Shore
    The summer holidays are coming to an end, and a few big typhoons are heading for Japan. Time to clear off the beaches and make sure you pack a poncho!
    • Students are scrambling to finish their summer homework before the beginning of classes.

    • A powerful typhoon is forecast to cross the main island just north of Tokyo between August 29 and 30.

    • There's a new craze in town: to fight the hot, humid weather, brightly colored handkerchiefs with built-in cooling gel packs are for sale! They might look a little silly and bulky tied around your head or neck, but they're great for a hot day.

The Far Shore
    Activity among the old gods and shinki has picked back up now that they're no longer busy with Obon.
    • Amaterasu's temple looks like new again, but her shinki are now keeping it under close guard. No one can stop too close to her temple grounds for more than a few minutes before a patrolling shinki stops them to ask questions.

    • The spider lilies are fading. One or two can still be found in full bloom, but most of them are nothing more than drying sticks, and as the flowers fade the voices fall quiet, too.

    • Someone is hanging wind bells all over the Heavens. Their melodious chime is beautiful, but it might make it a little difficult to sleep.

Noteworthy Ayakashi
    With the end of the summer holidays, worried schoolchildren are attracting ayakashi to school buildings again.
    • A giant blob ayakashi can be found lurking near school buildings. It lures children away from class and encourages them to wait aimlessly with it around the corner of the building.
      It might just want friends, but someone needs to help shoo it away so those kids can go back to school.

    • Wasp ayakashi are swarming around swap meets and flea markets on the weekends. It seems like the more they sting, the angrier sellers and buyers get, and the more ayakashi show up for the scene. If someone doesn't handle the ayakashi, there could be a fight....

    Here you can see the weather starting on August 21.


Shopping Frenzy!

    A brand-new department store in the suburbs of Tokyo is celebrating its grand opening, but for some reason, both the shoppers and the employees have been having the worst luck ever! It seems like everything's going wrong, and their prayers for help have reached to the Heavens. Gods and shinki alike have been asked to help the grand opening go well and to uncover the source of the shoppers' curse.
    • IC Date: August 21
    • If you have any questions, feel free to reply to the comment marked 'Event' on this post.
    • To participate in the event, you will just need to comment to the event log after it goes up on September 1 at 7PM EST.

Past Happenings in the Heavens

In response to suggestions on our State of the Game post, we'd like to bring you this new section of the Monthly Announcements.

Major Events

Player Plots

    If your characters have been up to anything this month that other characters may have noticed -- parties, ayakashi attacks, violent rampages through the Far Shore -- leave a comment on this post to let your fellow players know what's going on.
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Sparkle Motion!

[personal profile] very_goodman 2017-08-23 12:09 am (UTC)(link)
During the Obon festivities, Sparkle Motion made their big debut. Participating in the concert was Barry Goodman, Maria Cadenzavna Eve, You Watanabe, Yuuri Katsuki, and Demyx. Barry played some heavy metal songs, Maria performed some more upbeat songs as well as a ballad, You did a few j-pop numbers, Yuuri led the Bon dance, and Demyx did some guitar-riff-heavy songs. They played for most of the night after all the work was done guiding the spirits home, so anyone around on the Far Shore side that night would definitely have heard them.
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Research into missing gods/shinki

[personal profile] subtract 2017-08-23 12:21 am (UTC)(link)
Add made a public post here regarding some information he's been able to gather about where PC gods/shinki go when they disappear.
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Red Sword of Damocles

[personal profile] lionhearrt 2017-08-23 01:18 am (UTC)(link)
The Red Sword of Damocles showed up for the first time during Obon accompanied by a huge fireball in the sky that functioned as an artificial sun. The mile long broken Sword hovered in the night sky until the end of the festival. It kept moving the tip of the blade following the Egyptian sun god, Ra, as he accompanied some spirits back to the cemetery.
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Unidentified Flying Demon

[personal profile] trademark_skull 2017-08-23 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Not sure how many this would interest. But sometime late that night during Obon something large might've been seen flying away/near the hot springs. It is most definitely not anything demonic or ayakashi. Everything is perfectly fine 8D